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Being a model is more than just good looks. If you’ve got the stats, the poise, the finesse and most importantly, the courage to face the world with confidence, then Indian Models Club will be your guide and will push you further in this industry to let you discover your potential.

We are always on the outlook for the new faces for fashion. You could be the next supermodel of India; you just don’t know it yet!

If you are wondering how to become a model in Delhi or anywhere else in the country, here’s what you need to know:


Explore The Possibilities!

You may know your skills and you may know your limits, but you won’t know the possibilities until you get the right platform to explore the endless chances. To understand your potential, you need guidance from experts in the industry and IMC has the right set of professionals working with them, who can provide answers to your modeling career doubts.

Tip: Always research well before you contact any agency or an agent. Verify their reputation and then proceed further.


Define Yourself

Your definition of modeling will help you narrow down your queries regarding the growth opportunities in this industry. It could be Print Media, TV Commercials, Fashion Houses, Runways or all the way to Tinsel Town. It all comes down to what you are most interested in. At IMC, we nurture and prepare each individual to face the modeling industry with the right skills and help them to figure out their calling on the industry.

Tip: Join modeling classes and get knowledge about the industry. See where your personal interest is and how you can prepare yourself for that niche.


The Struggle

Let’s face the truth; a modeling job won’t fall directly in your lap. There will be a period of time where you might not get called for any audition or you might get denied for assignments. The struggle is real in modeling world, hence Indian Models Club tries to cut short the chase and bridge the gap between the models and excellent opportunities.

Tip: An outgoing personality, humble nature, patience and a positive attitude will help you throughout your career.


The BIG Break

Nobody will tell you that the modeling is one of the most hardworking domains. We prepare our models to face the pressure of the glamour world which can be very demanding. We provide quality assignments which are backed up by well known brands and companies throughout the country. IMC provides the BIG break to all the deserving candidates who seek for right modeling opportunities.

Tip: Be comfortable with all aspects of the modeling business, which is an essential requirement.


Formal Protocols

Modeling assignments are always based on contracts. It is crucial to go through the entire contract, especially if it’s your first assignment. At IMC, we educate our associate models about the minute details that should be paid attention to. Landing up a big project is a definite victory, but never sign any document before you have read every clause properly. Never refrain from asking about the payment per assignment and likewise.

Tip: Educate yourself about various modeling jobs, respective contracts and other relevant formalities to avoid mistakes.


Professional Portfolio

Last but not the least; you need a professional portfolio to promote yourself in the modeling market. Ask your photographer for a variety of pictures. Make sure that you check the sample work before handing over your portfolio task to any photographer. Also, don’t be shy in front of the camera and welcome the suggestions given by portfolio maker. Always prefer taking all the images soft copies on CD as well.

Tip: A great and versatile portfolio will showcase your diversity. You can actually hit a bulls eye with a combination of right attitude and professional portfolio.

Put an end to your doubts and stop asking yourself how to become a model in Delhi. Yes, there may be a lot of competition, but your talent is worth getting discovered!

At Indian Models Club, we will help you understand the growth prospects of modeling, your potential, and importance of health, personal skills, sophistication and much more.

Your journey in the fashion industry starts with IMC!

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