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Lingerie modeling is one of the highest paid and most glamourized forms of modeling. A lingerie model is one who dons and displays the innerwear product ranges. Like every other clothing item this also has dedicated designers and brands and henceforth makes for a significant segment of modeling domain.

How to become a Lingerie model?

Often comes the case where One knows that they have got what it takes to be a lingerie model, or may think they might be one, anyway, but are stopped due to lack of having no idea of where to begin with. As much as lingerie modeling is concerned it is a high end genre of modeling. Though one may get and grab few small sized contracts in this segment but a thorough background check of the concerned agency or firm is necessary to validate legitimacy of the shoots. To begin with an aspiring model should prepare a nice professional portfolio exclusively for this segment in different kind of lingerie and poses and then try sending them to high end brands of this segment. If luck favors you may get a call. This actually is a field of modeling where it is advisable to start right from the top instead of being exploited at the bottom.

What it requires to be a Lingerie model?

There is a simple rule that applies equally to all types of modeling and it is that being a “good” model is not just about having a pretty face and nice bodies but there are, in fact, actual skills and abilities involved. Believe it or not, not everyone who is “pretty” is photogenic, and a lot of girls who photograph exceptionally well are relatively unremarkable in real life. Of course, without going to Shallow Town, there are still some physical requirements. A proportionate, standard sized figure is necessary to fit into designers’ standard sized samples; clear skin will make photographers more willing to work with you, especially on an ongoing basis; and you should keep yourself generally well maintained (this includes things like your hair cut and color, clean and trimmed or manicured nails, no habitual giant bruises, scratches, or sunburns, etc.

Networking and Exposure is a Necessity

Of course, as the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. A lingerie model should always emphasize more and more on increasing her network and social connects. Also getting registered at a good modeling agency is a must do. Independent designers often cast people they already know who like to model for them. It is said that creative people enjoy having creative friends. So designers, therefore, have no shortage of talented, attractive friends already willing to model for them, and there is a big advantage for them in working with a known entity. But the catch is that designers know they can’t use the same few faces all the time, so it is where modeling agencies come in to play.

Versatility Matters for a Successful Lingerie Model-

Since lingerie is also known as “intimates,” a blank fashion face won’t actually work – for lingerie modeling, some feeling of intimacy and connection with the viewer is necessary. Practice these in front of the mirror to build up a versatile range of facial angles and expressions, and study lingerie catalogs and photo shoots for posing ideas. Make sure it’s not about you but the cloth you are wearing and the focus should always be on it and it only.

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