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Do's & Don'ts of Modeling

As other professions, modeling professional also has a certain set of rules which one should follow to get success. Indian Models Club can bring you one step closer to your dream of being a model. Let us create and define your career of becoming a famous model and enjoy the best of the industry!

These DOS & Don’ts can not only help you in setting the benchmark as an ethical, professional, but also help you setting an example before others.


  • Be professional, courteous, and punctual.
  • Make an impression by showing your distinctive personality.
  • Be honest! It's okay to tell people if you don't have any experience into modeling.
  • Have an adaptable look.
  • Be careful about your diet. Follow a proper diet plan.
  • Sleep properly before the assignment.
  • Always be available on the phone.
  • Always go prepared- carry clothes that you know will fit you the best.
  • Be able to perform on demand.
  • Know everything about client and their requirement before auditions.
  • Be open for seasonal modeling since it brings in more work opportunities.
  • Be enthusiastic and flexible in terms of location, costumes and makeup etc.
  • Keep up pace with the industry.
  • Maintain good relations with old clients, agencies and coordinators.
  • Be open to rejection and constructive feedback.
  • Cancel an appointment with prior notice.


  • Don’t smoke or drink at work.
  • Don’t give personal contact details to clients.
  • Don’t be docile and show your weakness to others.
  • Do not complain the director about the pose.
  • Don’t be aggressive.
  • Don’t pay an evaluation fee to a modeling agency.
  • Do not be jealous. A healthy revelry encourages professionals but jealously ruin the career.

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